A winter wonderland event

I'm back! With things that are on my mind. Over the weekend we did an event in carlisle completely unrelated to anime. You know, as we do. Honestly I wanted to call that event a complete bust. It was not great.

But I can't. We met 2 people who made it worthwhile. Both knew what we were. And your probably thinking 2? Yes! Better than 0! That's 2 more people who can become friends! 2 more people who can have a good time when we reopen! 2 more people who can enjoy the environment we created!

But wait?! There's more! 2 of our regulars from the shop also visited us! They came all the way to this unrelated event, just for us. Stayed and chatted! That personally cheered me up. I was so bored and frustrated, but after that I was completely satisfied with my day. I couldn't be happier about the little things. The people we meet... well have turned out to be the absolute best.💖

-7 am thoughts Maid D

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