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It's a quiet day in the café. Tables are clean, floors swept, anime playing in the background. Maid T and K are playing a round of mancala. Maid C is going over Financials. The Butlers are having second lunch. Maid D is making whip cream.

Outside a chilly wind blows by. Guests have come and gone. The mood is peaceful, with a happy nonchalance. But then! Maid T stands.

"What's wrong?" Maid K asks still staring at the game.

"I dunno. Something seems off..."

Maid T slowly turns back to the game just as a rumbling noise begins outside.

"What is that?" Maid C asks looking from her notes.

The Butlers pause from eating and go to the windows.

"What the..." one of them mumbles

"What's out there?" Maid D asks poking her head from the back.

Maid T joins the Butlers at the window. Her eyes widen but she says nothing. Maid C and D also join her. There brows furrow in confusion.

"T it's your turn." Maid K calls.

"I don't think we're playing anymore k."

"Nooo, we got finish me beating you" she says making a silly face.

"Come here first."

K comes to the window and looks at the army gathering before them.....

-Something to think about, your Maid D

One of Maid K's silly faces. 🥰

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