Day Before!

Tomorrow is a heavy prep day! Got the Ooowee pop up! That's why I'm so late today. Went to the store! Got everything but butter. 😤 Can't believe I did that?!

But it's okay! I can get started on a few things today and get butter tomorrow!

I'm really excited for Saturday for the event but I'm honestly more excited for Sunday. It's going to be my day off and snow! Which means I have NOTHING to do. It's going to be amazing! I going to play my game!

I don't really play a lot of games. Or new games. A lot of my games are older. My favorite game gives me a big headache. It's called pharoah. It's an older PC game. It's a giant puzzle for me and that's my favorite type of game. I gave myself a hand cramp one time when I played it for 6 hours.

Wish me luck for Saturday. I am hoping for success. 🥰

- forever yours Maid D

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