Hey friends! So things are starting to heat up! With weekly pop ups. Space shopping. Event planning. Con planning. And me just being terrible at being this level of consistent. But there's good news! I'm 22 days strong on my duolingo streak! Gaaaaahhh! Crushing it!

With that being said, this blog will be updated every Monday at 8! After all the chaos has passed and there's time to focus. Me and Maid T's first youtube short will be out this week. We gave it some effort. It makes us laugh.

We'll be at Ooowee every Saturday for a while. Getting pumped for the Maryland Pop Con. Still waiting to hear back from some events! Dead set on Kapona this year! Overall. Couldn't be more excited! It's going to be a wild ride but bear with me!

-Your pumped up Maid D

A space we looked at today. 😅

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