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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Hey everyone! Its Head Baker and occasional maid D. I decided to start this blog out of some request to be on social media a bit more. I dunno why you would want to talk to me buuuuut .... hey here I am!

So a little back ground? On the business not me, lol. One glorious fall day as me and my brother Rae finished one of our fabulous adventures back in 2019 he had a pondering. That day he asked me if we could start a maid cafe. I googled the idea and found it was plausible. Not the best idea based on failure ratings... But an idea none the less! So then I was on board! How could I not be? We work shopped a few ideas and then forgot about it!

You forgot!! You're probably yelling in anguish! Well honestly we did. There was a lot going on. Rae had just had a baby. I was going through a living situation. We were preoccupied. But come April of 2020 we were back on track... Kinda,... Not really. We applied for out paper work...And forgot again.

Two times we forgot because of overwhelming life stuff. Me with my back breaking job and side hustles. Rae with family life and adulting. Things were just piling on.

Then came August. Well actually more like end of June. It was hot as honey outside and I still worked elsewhere. I worked for Trugreen which in my opinion is an awful place to work. Any way I was there slaving away in the sun doing more work than I was capable of, tanning unevenly and covered in chemicals. Jovani noting how miserable I am suggests I quit. I was resilient at first. Sucky job but good money. Jovani was persistent though. He came up with the plan that led to me quitting to help Rae open this business. He was really peeved at the shackle marks that had formed on my legs. (But thats a different story!)

Kinda. I ended up giving them a months notice cause I felt bad they were short staffed and I was one of their better employees. I suck at quitting. They almost convinced me to stay but in the end leaving was the absolute best choice. And that job can suck it!!!!

But back to the point. Starting that August of 2020 the ball got started with just the 2 of us. With a couple bucks, instacart and a dream, we've so far made it this far. Who knows how far we'll go on this journey but the good news is, I always wanted to be an adventurer. I can't wait to see what lays ahead!

I'm going to do my best to update this blog twice a week. Sunday and maybe Wednesday? If you're reading this let me know which day is better. And remind me to get on here!!

- Happy to be here, Maid D

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