I'm On Time!

Sometimes something as simple as being on time can be so rewarding! As well as stress relieving. Its a revelation I suppose. Lol.

I got something amazing to share! I finally finished my chocolate boxes! They will be posted ASAP! Just gotta finished the chocolates. So I'm thinking tomorrow. You'll never guess what anime they come from! They've been something I've been working on for awhile. Originally when we decided to do the boxes we didn't know what boxes. How big. Etc. But I finally decided on them, but unfortuneately that meant I had to hand draw the design on each box. If you know by now art is not my strong suit. But 30 boxes later, like 10 are completely done. Can't wait to put the chocolates in them and post my creations for your hearts!

Got a lot going on this weekend. It was a hilarious time last week. The flea invited us and i was like yeah! And then we confirmed the catering... but then were told the catering is the same day as the flea. LOL. Can't cancel. We also cancelled the ooowee over the weekend cause our staff was sick and oven broke. It was chaos. This weekend is going to be even more chaotic. The team will be split but the jobs will be done.

If you can't tell I'm ecstatic about the catering this weekend! A weeb bday party! It's exactly what we wanted to do with our cafe. It fills my little heart with so much joy to know we are finally getting to a comfy place. The business is taking off. I couldn't be happier. And stressed.

All I can say is thank you guys. The belief you have in us means the world. And most days is all that keeps me going. See you soon.

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