I'm so late! So sorry!

This morning was a whirlwind! Maid T was running behind! And I was so easily distracted!

Looked at some more locations for the shops new home today. Feeling optimistic! 🥰

Last night I made Boba pearls for the first time! They were sticky but tizzy really liked them. She did most the work and it was hilarious. She couldn't get the starch to bind at first. Then she had trouble rolling them so I had to show her. Then I cooked them cause she was worried she would over cook them. It was fun!

Today I'm going to try and make flavored ones as a surprise for her. She's such a fun person!

Things have been all over the place lately but in a good way. The positive air has been refreshing! I'm excited for what the new year might bring....

ALSO I GOT A MANDOLIN FOR XMAS! I don't celebrate Christmas but I won't turn down my dream present! I'm making potato chips?! I'm so excited?! Stay tuned! I have so many ideas?!

--Brainstorming for you, Maid D 💖

Heres a video of Maid T putting together the drink!

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