Look I'm Late Already

Here I am starting the new blog post schedule off incredibly late. But that is just my fashion I suppose. lol. I really did try to do this on time. Unfortunately running a business likes to over run. It was funny, each time I sat down to write this, I had to get something else that was a touch more of a priority done. The first time had to get one of my secret projects cleaned up. the second time had to get the package for another secret project sorted. the third time i had to take care of family stuff. the fourth time I had to help a guest navigate the new online shopping page. which I built and cleaned up for her. Fun stuff. It just went on like that. The running never stops.

But I'm here now! I'm where I need to be! Its amazing! I have a lot of project that I am preparing for valentines day. I have just over all a lot to do. i'm not complaining. I really do enjoy it. i mean i am the one coming up with the work. lol. just gets to become a lot. but thankfully i have Maid T. She is just the biggest help. She is my right hand most days. Butler r is getting some other things done.

None secretive projects! we are waiting to hear back from Tekko con! we have our fingers crossed! The excitement is leaking from every pore! Its a con in PIttsburgh Pa, so it would be cool doing one in our home state. ironically its farther than the ones we're signed up for in Maryland just south of us. its hilarious. But not stopping our hustle. No pain no gain. NOt stopping this train! MAid CAfe for HBG PA!

To be honest we all miss having our own shop. miss the shop so much. its weird without it. we don't know what to do. We have been looking at locations all over but no ones answering their phones. Or worse they are incredibly expensive with no kitchen already installed!!! Ugh!!!! My head hurts with figuring out this conundrum! BUt I vow to you we will reopen in a decent area safe for cosplay and family's!

Soooooooo anyway, life's been good. We're at Ooowee every weekend. Not what we wanted but its keeping us afloat for now. Working with Chaos Crafters on some ideas. They have been super awesome to work with. They are patient and creative! Super talented! Love them. We will have their mugs available on the site soon. Limited though because they have to start con prep. We have been so lucky to meet them.

What else, what else. there isn't much else right now. you know, cause i'm keeping secrets. wink wink. next week i'll be dropping bombs ya dig!! lol. BUt no really. I'll be revealing tons this week on the social medias, then recap for you next monday!

Thanks for coming tonight friends. It means the world to know you guys check in on your poor overworked MAid D. Hope to talk to you again next weekend. If you have any ideas for treats you need from an anime. I've got a little bit of writers block!

- your dearest maid d

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