Monday! But is it?

So today I need to tell you about this dream. 😴 It was super weird and about me and Maid T.

We were sitting outside of the cafe just relaxing having a good time. Then from out of nowhere one our regulars appears from a cloud of smoke! It was a lot. Little over the top? Dream and stuff.

Anywho, T greets them and is like "hi, welcome back!🥰" I smile and just watch.

All of a sudden the regular pulls out a light Saber and swings at us?! 😡 The nerve?! So rude.

T rolls out of the way! I don't move. I'm just....confused? Shocked? Stunned? She's not, she whips out a a purple light Saber 💜 from her petticoat! Sabers are not my weapon of choice so I watch.

She swings broadly and connects with the regular. The sabers crash violently. The regular takes a step pulls in tight and takes a low swing at T. She knocks it out of the way with too much flair causing her to spin. The regular takes the opening and goes to land one on her back. Be fore he lands this dangerous blow I'm standing beside him. A nerf rifle 🔫 to the head.

"Drop it."

He turns to look at me. Before I can see his face he disappears back into the smoke 💨

I pick T off the ground. She shakes the dust off and puts her Saber back in her petticoat.

With one last look back we go wait in the cafe for the mysterious regulars return.😎

So that's the dream. I've contemplated writing it out as a full story but lol. Who knows what I'll do.

-Dreamy Maid D

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