Screams in Agony!

The most frustrating part about growing a tiny business into a beautiful flower for me right now is that working with others is like the best way to spread your name is to work with others. Get introduced to others and so forth. But there are so many shady self centered people people!!!! I can't say who cause without proof its slander, and unfortunately theres not enough people to speak up about one of the people in particular but holy moly! I temporarily put up with such a jerk on a high horse which I normally don't do to try to prevent a worse thing from happening, but i can only take so much.

Anyway. Lets get away from the bad news. ugh. We are going to see a new location tomorrow. I'm actually pretty excited for this one. I don't want to get anyones hope up, mine especially but fingers crossed.

Saturday was my birthday! it was awesome! We got to do our first MAid Cafe themed birthday party! We made chocolates and ramen and more! Maid T did a wonderful one man show. She was fantastic. Maid C and Butler O did awesome jobs backing her up and serving. It was a little chaotic at first but once we got the party started we got going!

I'm so excited to be honest. When we reopen I have so many ideas for parties, events, tea parties and more. Maid T has so many outfits she wants to buy. lol. she can't resist clothes! she can be so cute sometimes! we met with the woman we want to be our head chef! she's amazing! she brings the mom energy in such a warm comfy fashion. we will meet again with her soon to talk about paperwork.

That's all for now. Hopefully next week the news will be amazing.

-Doing my absolute Best for each of you, Your loving MAid D

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