The forever late sequel

Things are chaotic. But they will always be when your doing something different in uncharted territory.

We've had to change gears a couple times in recent months. Had to back track and adjust. But with the new year we hold strong to our ambitions.

We've slowed down in recent days. Mainly focusing on recouping and getting our niche together. We have some new content ideas. We have so fun concepts coming up. We finally will have merch soon. That's exhilarating. We have nailed some amazing recipes. We'll I say we but that one is me. Lol. Maid D. 💗

I am excited to start sharing some of my hard work with people! I have been studying up on bento boxes and I have to say I am proud of myself.

When I started down the road of doing this I acknowledged that cute/kawaii was going to be a struggle for me. But this has been WAY HARDER then I would have expected. But it's been a riveting experience. I'm still working on my visual asethics but I think I'm getting the hang of it. 🥰

This has been mostly a ramble of thoughts. Sorry it wasn't more cohesive. I promise to write you again Monday!

-Yours Truly Maid D

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