What shall we do today!

It's a question I often find myself with. And more often than not I can't answer it. 😅

This weekend was super busy. We did a lot of things this weekend! Saturday was the flea! We worked hard into the night. 5 am to be exact. Woke up at 8 am to put the finishing touches on things. Well me and T did. Butler R and J got a good night's sleep then came and packed everything up.

The event went wonderfully. We sold out of almost everything! That was such a good feeling! Got quite a few more people wondering when we are reopening!

Then there was Sunday! We hosted a private Ramen Party. It went amazingly! We did 3 courses of deliciousness. Everything smelled and looked fantastic!

Though a lot of this weekend was done on very little sleep, it came out amazing. And that's what making your dreams come true is like. Exhaustion. Sometimes sleep is within your reach. Other times it's a foreign concept.... But in the end you get to be delirious with the goals uou you achieved!

-Finally catching up on sleep your Maid D

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