This time of writing this is 3 am. I'm thoroughly exhausted and well burnt out. The problem is I had a nightmare the night prior. It happens from time to time but unfortunately this one left me in a bad place. You know how when you have a bad dream that overall isn't so bad, but the CRUSHING wave of ominous air engulfs you tightly and even when you wake it just feels like at any moment something AWFUL is going to happen. And it's just one of those awful feelings that lingers making you uncomfortable. 😔 Well that's where I'm at.

So I have used this time productively! I have caught up on all my webtoons I was reading. Cursed Princess club is my jam. Top notch. Highly recommend. And yes sir I Fast pass. I'm compulsive with no self control!

Got the list for the weekend for the ooowee location prepped. Going to be a super fun pop up. Yas! Got the design for the table reserves. And designed the menu! 🥰 I can feel your pride. Your probably "dannnng girl, your going to be on time this weekend!" Thats a lie. Chill out. Deep breaths. Who knows what I'm doing.

Unfortunately the sleep deprivation headache is kicking in. I'm going to try again to sleep. Until next time, don't be afraid to have your nightlight and comfort blanket or bear.

-Counting sheep, your Maid D

A picture of the darkness

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