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  • What should I wear?
    Anything you want! As long as its family friendly! Wear your cosplay, your quirky clothes, your neon's, your specialty styles and whatever makes you, you!
  • What is the best way to visit?
    We strongly recommend making reservations or calling a head. The biggest part of coming to a maid cafe is the experience. We often find that we provide the best experience when we know our guest are coming!
  • Is your food authentic?
    Nope. No. Nu-uh. Super no. Our food is both a tribute and an homage, to where maid cafes started. Though we don't keep a lot of traditional maid cafe aspects, we pay tribute to origin and to where it has traveled to by making a variety of foods. Also since maid cafes are heavily connected to anime we strive to make the food delicious, colorful, sometimes interactive, and most of all something all anime fans can enjoy.
  • Can I bring my own games to play?
    Yes indeed. And our Maids and Butlers will learn to play them if you want?
  • I'm really anti-social but want to come and make friends
    We too are anti social and awkward. But if you work with us, we'll work with you. We are very patient and super in our own heads hoping you will enjoy your experience.
  • What is the average price point per person?
    Per person for food, drink and dessert, the average price ranges between $10 to $20.
  • Do I have to like anime to come?
    Not at all. Everyone on our team has different interests. Tell us about yours so we can see what we have in common!
  • Is this cafe child friendly?
    Yes. Though we prefer to cater to the child at heart we do all tend to children. We do enjoy seeing the excitement that the cafe can inspire but our staff is not babysitters. If your kid/s can not be respectful of the space, our team, and other guest, you will be asked to leave. Though the cafe is meant to cozy and inviting, it's meant to be that way for our team as well.
  • Can I bring Alcohol?
    Sorry, but no. An BYOB permit is expensive.
  • Can I just hang out, do I have to buy something?
    Yeah. If we aren't busy, we have no problem with you pulling up a chair and hanging with staff. We just ask that you are understanding that will have to attend to other guest who come in.
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